Acamas (Ἀκάμ-ας, -αντος), son of Antenor and Theano, was a participant in the Trojan War, and fought on the side of the Trojans. With his brother Archelochus and his cousin Aeneas, Acamas led the Dardanian contingent to assist King Priam.[1] Along with Aeneas and Archelochus he led one of the five divisions attacking the Argive wall in the battle for the ships. He avenged the death of his brother, who had been killed by Ajax, by slaying Promachus the Boeotian.[2] He was killed possibly by Meriones in book 16 of the Iliad,[3] but the Acamas killed there was not specifically identified as a son of Antenor. Quintus of Smyrna describes him as having been killed by Philoctetes.[4]


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