Achiroë or Anchirrhoë (Greek: Template:Polytonic), or according to Apollodorus Anchinoë (Ἀγχινόη),[1] which is perhaps a mistake for Anchiroë, was in Greek mythology a naiad, a daughter of the river-god Nilus. She was also the wife of Belus, by whom she became the mother of Aegyptus and Danaus, and, according to some accounts, Cepheus, and Phineus.[2] According to the scholiast on Lycophron,[3] Ares begot by her a son, Sithon, and according to Hegesippus,[4] also two daughters, Pallenaea and Rhoeteia, from whom two towns derived their names.[5]

Argive genealogy in Greek mythologyEdit

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