"Podarke" redirects here. For the polychaete worm genus, see Podarke (polychaete).

Aello in Greek mythology was one of the Harpy sisters who would abduct people and torture them on their way to Tartarus. Her names are:

  • Aello (Ἀελλώ), "she of the whirlwind"
  • Aellopus (Ἀελλόπους), "whirlwind-footed" (also referred to as Aellopos)
  • Podarge (Ποδάργη), "she who is foot-speedy"
  • Podarke (Ποδάρκη), "she who is foot-safe"?
  • Nikothoe (Νικοθόη), "she who is victory-speedy"
Note: in "Aello" and "Aellopus" (but not in "Aeolus") the "a" and the "e" should be pronounced separately.

In addition, Aeolus was the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology.

She is sometimes confused with Aella the Amazon.


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