Alcimedon (Gr. Template:Polytonic) can refer to a number of people in Greek mythology and history:

  • Alcimedon, an Arcadian hero, from whom the Arcadian plain Alcimedon derived its name. He had a daughter named Phillo, by whom Heracles had a son, Aechmagoras, whom Alcimedon exposed, but Heracles saved.[1]
  • Alcimedon, one of the Tyrrhenian sailors, who wanted to carry off the infant Dionysus from Naxos, but was metamorphosed, with his companions, into a dolphin.[2][3]
  • Alcimedon, a son of Laerceus, and one of the commanders of the Myrmidons under Patroclus.[4][5]
  • Alcimedon, an embosser or chaser, spoken of by Virgil, who mentions some goblets of his workmanship.[6][7]


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