Alcyone (Template:Pron-en; Template:Lang-grc) in Greek mythology is the name of one of the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione or, more rarely, Aethra.[1] She attracted the attention of the god Poseidon and bore him several children, variously named in the sources: Hyrieus, Lycus, Hyperenor, and Aethusa;[2] Hyperes and Anthas;[3] Glaucus;[4] and Epopeus.[5][6] There are various etymological interpretations of her name's origin.[7]

References Edit

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Other sources Edit

es:Alcíone fr:Alcyone (Pléiade) it:Alcione (Pleiadi) ka:ალკიონე (პლეიადი) la:Alcyone (Atlantis) lt:Alkionė hu:Alküoné (Atlasz leánya) nl:Alkyone ja:アルキュオネー ru:Алкиона (плеяда) sr:Алкиона (Плејаде) fi:Alkyone

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