Alphesiboea was the name of several characters in Greek mythology:[1]

  • Alphesiboea, the mother of Adonis.
  • Alphesiboea, a daughter of Phegeus, who married Alcmaeon. In some versions of this myth, she is called Arsinoe.
  • Alphesiboea who, according to Theocritus, was a daughter of Bias, and the wife of Pelias. This character, however, is usually called Anaxibia.[2]
  • Alphesiboea, an Indian nymph, who was passionately loved by Dionysus, but could not be induced to yield to his wishes, until the god changed himself into a tiger, and thus compelled her by fear to allow him to carry her across the river Sollax, which from this circumstance received the name of Tigris.[3]



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