This article is about Amphictyon, a figure of Greek mythology. For the Amphictyony, an ancient Greek religious organization, see Amphictyonic League.

Amphictyon (Ancient Greek: Template:Polytonic), in Greek mythology, was the second son of Deucalion and Pyrrha, although there was also a tradition that he was autochthonous (born from the earth). Amphictyon was king of Thermopylae and married a daughter of Cranaus of Athens. According to some accounts this daughter was named Atthis, although this conflicts with other accounts which relate that she died young as a unmarried virgin. Amphictyon eventually deposed Cranaus, proclaiming himself king of Athens.

Amphictyon ruled Athens for ten, or in some accounts, twelve years and founded the Amphictyonic League, which traditionally met at Thermopylae in historical times. During his reign, Dionysus was supposed to have visited Amphictyon in Athens and taught him how to mix water with wine in the proper proportions. Amphictyon was deposed by Erichthonius, another autochthonous king of Athens.


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