Amphithea is the name of four women in Greek mythology

1. Amphithea, wife of Lycurgus, king of Nemea, and mother of Opheltes (afterwards he was called Archemorus)[1]

2. Amphithea, daughter of Pronax. She married Adrastus and was the mother of Argea, Deipyle, Aegialia, Aegialeus and Cyanippus.[2]

3. Amphithea, wife of Autolycus and mother of Anticlea (the mother of Odysseus, Perimede, and a number of sons, including Aesimus (the father of Sinon).[3]

4. Amphithea, wife of Aeolus, and mother of six sons and six daughters, the youngest boy being Macareus, who made his sister Canace pregnant. Both he and his sister killed themselves.[4]

References Edit

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