Amyntor (Greek: Αμύντωρ (Amýntor) "defender"), was an ancient Greek name attributed to several people both mythological and historical.

Mythological Edit

  • Amyntor, in Greek mythology, was the son of Ormenus and king of Ormenium. He was the father of Phoenix and Astydamia, who bore Heracles a son named Ctesippus.[1] Amyntor's son Phoenix, on his mothers' urgings, slept with his father's mistress, Clytia or Phthia. Amyntor, discovering this, called upon the Erinyes to curse him so that he would have no sons.[2] In a later version of the story, Phoenix was falsely accused by Amyntor's mistress and was blinded by his father. Later Chiron restored his sight.[3]

Historical Edit



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