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In Greek mythology, Anius (Template:Lang-grc) was the son of Apollo and Rhoeo. Anius was born on the island of Delos, which was sacred to his father Apollo, after the box in which his mother had been placed by Staphylus when he had discovered her pregnancy washed ashore there. Anius became a priest of Apollo.

Anius had three daughters: Oeno, Spermo, and Elais, known as the Oenotropae. Dionysus gave the three daughters the power to change whatever they wanted into wine, wheat, and oil. When Agamemnon went to the Trojan War, he wanted to take the Oenotropae with him, to provide his army with food and wine. They complained to Dionysus, and he changed them into doves. Later, Anius gave aid to Aeneas and his retinue when they were fleeing from Troy and en route to the future site ofАний ca:Anios de:Anios es:Anio gl:Anio it:Anio (mitologia) hu:Aniosz pt:Ânio ru:Аний uk:Аній

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