Antimachus may refer to these persons in Greek mythology:

  1. Antimachus, son of Heracles and Nicippe, one of the fifty daughters of Thespius. [1]
  2. Antimachus, one of the Heraclides. He was the son of Thrasyanor and father of Delphontes [2]
  3. Antimachus, one of the suitors of Penelope, from Dulichium, and slain, along with the others, by Odysseus [3]
  4. Antimachus, a Centaur. He attended the wedding of Pirithous and was slain by Caeneus. [4]
  5. Antimachus, a Trojan. Bribed by Paris, he was against returning Helen to Menelaus. He was the father of Pisander and Hippolochus (both killed by Agamemnon), Hippomachus, killed by Leonteus, descendant of Ares, and Tisiphone, wife of Meneptolemus [5][6]
  6. Antimachus, a Cretan warrior who came with Idomeneus to fight on the Greeks side in the Trojan war. He was one of the warriors hidden in the Trojan horse [7]. He was killed by Aeneas [8]
  7. Antimachus, one of the sons of Aegyptus. He married the Danaid Midea who murdered him on their wedding night. [9]

References Edit

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