In Greek mythology, Antíphatês (in Latin) or Antiphátês (Ἀντιφάτης in Ancient Greek) is the name of five characters.

  1. Antíphatês, King of the Laestrygones, a mythological tribe of gigantic cannibals. He was married and had a daughter. When he was visited by a scouting party sent by Odysseus, he ate one of the men on the spot and raised a hue-and-cry to ensure most of the rest of Odysseus' company would be hunted down.
  2. Antíphatês, a Trojan warrior, slain by Leonteus.[1]
  3. Antíphatês, son of Melampus and Iphianeira, the daughter of Megapenthes. He married Zeuxippe, the daughter of Hippocoon. Their children were Oecles and Amphalces. [2][3]
  4. Antíphatês, one of Greek warriors who hid in the Trojan horse.[4]
  5. Antíphatês, son of Sarpedon. Who accompanied Aeneas to Italy where he was killed by Turnus.[5]


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