In Greek mythology, Antiphus is a name attributed to multiple individuals:

  • In the Iliad, Antiphus, or Ántiphos (Ἄντιφος),one of the 50 sons of Priam, and son of Hecuba. During the Trojan War, he was killed by Agamemnon.[1]
  • Son of Aegyptius, Antiphus was a Greek commander who sailed from Troy with Odysseus and was devoured by Polyphemus.[2]
  • Son of "Thessalus", the son of "Heracles". With his brother "Phidippus", "Antiphus" lead the forces of Calydnae, Cos or Kos, Crapathus or Karpathos, Casus or Kasos and Nisyrus or Nisyros on the side of the Greeks against Illium or Troy. [3]


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