In Greek mythology, Apemosyne was a daughter of Catreus and sister of both Althaemenes, Aerope and Clymene. She was known for being fleet of foot. According to legend, an oracle told Catreus that he would be murdered by one of his children; to prevent this from happening, he sent his children away from Crete. Apemosyne and her brother Althaemenes left Crete for Rhodes. Here, Hermes developed a passion for her, but could not catch her, despite his winged sandals. To catch her, he laid freshly stripped hides along the road, and Apemosyne slipped and fell on her way back from a spring. While she was down, Hermes raped her. Later, when she told her brother what had happened, he doubted her and became angry, thinking that she was lying about being molested by the god. In his anger, he kicked her to death.[1]


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