[[The prerequation of service to the ministry of definse for such deplomace to the pre postesilic of the native orthodox. To the overside seen in such bill as apollodorus. So a the duties of the ministry of defance. These pillers will continue to the unified structure. the Isreal, As the jewish will need the need of open borders. As this river will bring again an empower it people. Educated the New alliance will be an asset to the evoliante. Globle assurance will only be represented as a complete unit. All tribes will bring this nation togeather. With constructive ordinace I stand by the need of the people and a Bill is now to represent. of what is elightned despition. this are never sure to happen nor is it pure chance rather it will depend this skill and abilities to inpower such protagonist. after reviewing the pariton plan of 1947 it is conclusive evidence that the consivance in is implantation was and still has stood for the order is specVous as was in the freach and British union. Has been applauded and is the formulation to this order.

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