For the ancient Greek poet, see Automedon (poet).
For the incident involving the WWII merchant ship Automedon, see the article: SS Automedon and the article: German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis.

In Greek mythology, Automedon (Greek: Αὐτομέδων, -οντος), son of Diores, was Achilles' charioteer. In Homer's Iliad, he rides into battle once Patroclus has donned Achilles's armor, commanding Achilles' horses Balius and Xanthos. After Patroclus's death, Automedon is driven to the rear of the battle, where he attempts to console the bereaved horses. Zeus finally intervenes, and Automedon resumes driving the chariot, but can not aid the Achaeans until Alcimidon agrees to be his driver. He repels an attempt on his life by Hector, Aeneas, Chromios, and Aretos, killing Aretos and taking his armor in the process. He also appears in the Aeneid at line 477 of Book II, when the Greek forces break into the palace of Priam.


  • Homer. Iliad, XVI, 145; XVII, 429; XIX; XXIII; XIV.

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