Batea (or Bateia), also known as Iphise or Myrina[1], was a figure in Greek mythology said to be the daughter or (less commonly) the aunt of King TeucerTemplate:Citation needed. She was a queen of the Amazons who had defeated the Atlanteans of Mt. Atlas who lived on the shores of the Ocean in a land of which it was said that the Gods were born.[2]. She was ruler of a tribe known as the Teucrians (Teucri)Template:Citation needed. The Teucrians inhabited the area of northwest Asia Minor later called the Troad (Troas), and the term is sometimes used as another name for the TrojansTemplate:Citation needed. Batea married King Dardanus, son of Zeus and Electra, whom Teucer named as his heirTemplate:Citation needed. Batea gave her name to a hill in the Troad, mentioned in the IliadTemplate:Citation needed. By Dardanus, Batea was the mother of Ilus, Erichthonius, Zacynthus, and IdaeaTemplate:Citation needed. Greek mythology also recounts Arisbe, a daughter of Teucer, as the wife of Dardanus so Arisbe and Batea are usually assumed to be the same person.Template:Citation needed

Family treeEdit

Template:Trojan race


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  2. Pierre Grimal, Dictionary of Classical Mythology, 1986, Blackwell Reference, Oxford

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