Bucolus is the name of four men in Greek mythology and of one early Christian saint:

  1. Bucolus, father of Sphelus, and grandfather of Iasus, captain of the Athenians at the Trojan War. Iasus was killed by Aeneas [1]
  2. Bucolus, son of Hippocoon, king of Sparta.[2]
  3. Bucolus, son of Heracles and Marse, daughter of Thespius and Megamede.[3]
  4. Bucolus (meaning "neat herd") was a nickname of Daphnis.[4]
  5. Saint Bucolus, one of the first Christian bishops of ancient Smyrna, disciple of St John the Theologian.[5]

Bucolus is a genus of ladybird beetles.

References Edit

el:Άγιος Βουκόλος

sr:Букол uk:Святий Вукол

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