In Greek mythology, Canace (Template:Lang-el) was a daughter of Aeolus and Enarete, and lover of Poseidon.

Canace had seven brothers and six sisters. Her brothers were Athamas, Cretheus, Deioneus, Macar (also called Macareus), Perieres, Salmoneus and Sisyphus. Her sisters were Alcyone, Arne, Calyce, Peisidice, Perimele and Tanagra. With Poseidon, she was the mother of Aloeus, Epopeus, Hopleus, Nireus and Triopas.

She was forced by her father to commit suicide as punishment for falling in love with her brother Macar/Macareus. This story was told by Latin poet Ovid in the Heroides, a selection of eighteen story-poems that pretend to be letters from mythological women to their lovers and ex-lovers.

Her story was also put to the stage in the verse tragedy Canace (1588), by Italian playwright Sperone Speroni.Template:Greek-myth-stub Template:Unreferenced

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