In Greek mythology Chione, the snow-nymph, was the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind and Oreithyia, whom he abducted. The Eumolpidae in charge of the Eleusinian mysteries claimed descent from her, as the mother of Eumolpus with Poseidon.

Two other, lesser figures were also named Chione:

  1. In Ovid's Metamorphoses, (Metamorphoses XI 339), Chione was the beautiful daughter of Daedalion. Apollo and Hermes each fathered children with her because she was so beautiful, Autolycus to Hermes and Philammon to Apollo.. She became proud and vain, and Artemis killed her.
  2. Chione was the daughter of the naiad Callirrhoe and Neilus.

In biology:

  1. Chione is a plant genus in the madder family Rubiaceae.
  2. Chione is a genus of bivalves in the family Veneridae.

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