Template:Otheruses Chrysothemis or Khrysothemis (Ancient Greek: Χρυσόθεμις "Golden Justice"), is a name ascribed to several characters in Greek mythology.[1]

Most prominently among these, Chrysothemis was a daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.[2] Unlike her sister, Electra, Chrysothemis did not protest or enact vengeance against their mother for having an affair with Aegisthus and then killing their father.

She appears in Sophocles's Electra.

Other characters named Chrysothemis include:

  • Chrysothemis, daughter of Danaus.[3]
  • Chrysothemis, wife of Staphylus, mother of Molpadia, Rhoeo and Parthenos.[4]
  • Chrysothemis, a Hesperide, pictured and named on an ancient vase together with Asterope, Hygieia and Lipara.[5]
  • Chrysothemis, the first winner of the oldest contest held at the Pythian Games, the singing of a hymn to Apollo. He a son (or daughter) of Carmanor the priest who cleansed Apollo for the killing of Python.[6]
  • Chrysothemis, an ancient Greek sculptor.[7]


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