Clytius (Template:Lang-el) is the name of many people in Greek mythology:

  1. A son of Laomedon, brother of Priam, and an elder of Troy.[1] Also spelled Klythios, Klytios, Clytios, and Klytius.
  2. A young soldier in the army of Turnus who is loved by Cydon in Virgil's Aeneid.[2]
  3. One of the Gigantes killed by Hecate in the battle of the gods[3].
  4. A man who attended Telemachus in Homer's Odyssey.[4]
  5. One of the sons of Aeolus who followed Aeneas into Italy and was killed by Turnus is also named Clytius in the Aeneid.[5]
  6. An Argonaut, son of Eurytus, killed by Apollo for challenging him to an archery match.

References Edit

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Sources Edit

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