In Greek mythology, Cranaus (Κραναός) was the second King of Athens, succeeding Cecrops I. He is supposed to have reigned for either nine or ten years.

He was autochthonous (born from the earth), like his predecessor. He married Pedias, a Spartan woman, with whom he had three daughters: Cranae, Cranaechme, and Atthis. Atthis gave her name to Attica after dying, possibly as a young girl, although in other traditions she was the mother, by Hephaestus, of Erichthonius.

During his reign the flood of the Deucalion story was thought to have occurred. In some accounts, Deucalion is said to have fled to Athens with his sons Hellen and Amphictyon. Deucalion died shortly thereafter and was said to have been buried near Athens. Amphictyon is said to have married one of the daughters of Cranuas.

Cranaus was deposed by Amphictyon son of Deucalion, who was himself later deposed by Erichthonius.


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