In Greek mythology, Daedalion was a son of Hesperos and brother of Ceyx. He is described as a cruel and warlike man.[1] His daughter Chione was so beautiful that both Apollo and Hermes impregnated her. She then became vain and boasted that she was more beautiful than Artemis. When Artemis killed her in revenge, Daedalion was so grief stricken that he threw himself off a cliff at Mt. Parnassos, and Apollo turned him into a hawk.

Ovid XI, 291.

References Edit

  1. Metamorphoses Book Notes Summary by Ovid: Book 11: Daedalion

This is also the name of an imba paladin on Chambers of Aspects WOW EU. Template:Greek-myth-stubca:Dedalió de:Daidalion el:Δαιδαλίων es:Dedalión eu:Dedalion fr:Dédalion hu:Daidalión it:Dedalione ja:ダイダリオーン ru:Дедалион uk:Дедаліон

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