In Greek mythology, Dascylus or Daskylos (Template:Lang-grc) was a king who ruled over Mysia or Mariandyne. He is presumably the eponym of the coastal city of Dascylaeum or Dascylium. The wife of Dascylus was named Anthemoisia, daughter of Lycus, and he was the father of sons named Lycus, Priolas, and Otreus. Dascylus' own father was the infamous Tantalus. Priolas and Otreus were both killed by Amycus, king of Bebrycia; Otreus was killed while travelling to Troy to sue for the hand of King Laomedon's daughter Hesione in marriage. Both sons have names connected with local settlements: Priola, near Heraclea, and Otrea, on the Ascanian Lake.

Another Dascylus or Daskylos was a son of Lycus, and grandson of the above Dascylus. He acted as a guide to the Argonauts.

A third Dascylus or Daskylos, a Lydian nobleman, was said to be the father of the semi-historical figure Gyges of Lydia.


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