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Demophon (Greek: Δημοφῶν / Δημοφόων) was a king of Athens, according to Pindar, son of Theseus and a half brother of Acamas, fought in the Trojan War and was one of those to be in the Trojan Horse.

In Euripides' play, Heracleidae, Demophon granted the children of Heracles, who were fleeing from Eurystheus, refuge in Athens.

As Eurystheus prepared to attack, an oracle told Demophon that he would win if and only if a noble virgin was sacrificed to Persephone.

Macaria volunteered for the sacrifice and a spring was named the Macarian spring in her honor.

Demophon married Phyllis, daughter of Lycurgus, King of Thrace, while he stopped in Thrace on his journey home from the Trojan war. Demophon had a son named Oxyntes by Phyllis. Demophon left Phyllis behind, however, when he went back to Athens; by one version she killed herself when he failed to return for her, by another she caused him to fall on his sword and die.

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