In Greek mythology, Dia (Template:Lang-el, allegedly meaning "bright sky")[1] was the daughter of Deioneus or Eion and mother of the Lapith Pirithous, whose marriage to Hippodameia was the occasion of the Lapiths' battle with the Centaurs. Like many nymph mothers of heroic figures, Dia had both a mortal husband, "cloud-like" Ixion,[2] and an immortal father of her child— Zeus, a sky-god himself, who wielded the thunderbolt.[3] In the plains of Thessaly under all this open sky and cloud, Dia's son was a horseman.


  1. "Only another name for Hebe, the daughter of Hera", according to Karl Kerenyi (The Gods of the Greeks, 1951, p.159), who adds "and indeed was probably the name for Hera herself, as 'she who belongs to Zeus' or 'the heavenly one'—for this is the meaning of the word." In another context, Dia, daughter of the king Lycaon, bore a son, Dryops, to Apollo.
  2. Robert Graves, The Greek Myths 1960 §63a
  3. Iliad 14.317; Diodorus Siculus, iv. 69; Eustathius on Homer, § 101.


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