There were six figures named Elatus or Élatos (Ἔλατος) in Greek mythology.

  • Elatus, a Lapith chieftain, was the father, by Hippeia, of:
  • 31824 Elatus, an asteroid named after the centaur Elatus, killed during a battle with Hercules by a poisoned arrow that passed through his arm and continued to wound Chiron in the knee.
  • Elatus was one of the suitors of Penelope. He was killed by Eumaeus, the swineherd.
  • Elatus, the son of Arcas and either Erato or Chrysopeleia or Leanira, daughter of Amyclas, or Meganira, daughter of Croco.
  • Elatus, who lived in the Troad town of Pedasus, and was killed during the Trojan War by Agamemnon.
  • Elatus the seer. He was the father of Ampycus.

de:Elatos sr:Елат (митологија)

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