The Pleiad Electra Template:IPA-en of Greek mythology was one of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Electra was the wife of Corythus. She was raped by Zeus and gave birth to Dardanus, who became the founder of Troy, ancestor of Priam and his house. According to one legend, she was the lost Pleiad, disappearing in grief after the destruction of Troy. She was called Atlantis by Ovid, personifying the family of Pleiades. Electra means "amber," "shining," and "bright."

The Pirt-Kopan-noot tribe of Australia have a legend of a lost Pleiad, making this the queen of the remaining six. The lost Pleiad is revered by the heavenly Crow (Canopus) and never returns to her home after she is carried away by him.

Thy beauty shrouded by the heavy veil Thy wedlock won. (Elizabeth Worthington Fiske).[1]


  1. Richard Hinckley Allen. Electra, Star Names and their Meanings. Dover Publications, 1963, p. 406.

de:Elektra (Tochter des Atlas) el:Ηλέκτρα (Πλειάδα) fr:Électre (Pléiade) it:Elettra (pleiade) he:אלקטרה (נימפה) la:Electra (Atlantis) pl:Elektra (Plejada) pt:Electra (filha de Atlas) ru:Электра (плеяда) sr:Електра (Плејада) fi:Elektra (plejadi) zh:厄勒克特拉 (普勒阿得斯)

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