See also Emathion

Emathus , Emathius or Amathus (Greek:Template:Polytonic), was son of Makednos, from whom Emathia (the Homeric name of Lower Macedonia) was believed to have derived its name. The daughters of Pierus, the Pierides, are sometimes called Emathides. The Emathian or Emathius in Latin is a frequently used name by Latin poets for Alexander the Great. Actually, Emathus became son of Makednos in the second half of the fourth century, when Marsyas of Pella made Emathos and Pieros the eponymous of these two regions in Ancient Macedonia. Brusos was a son of Emathius, from whom Brusis, a portion of Macedonia, was believed to have derived its name. According to Solinus (9.10) , Emathius was unrelated and older than Makednos.


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