Euboea is the name of four women in Greek mythology

  1. Euboea or Calchis, a naiad, daughter of the Boeotian river-god Asopus and of Metope. Poseidon abducted her. The island of Euboea (or the city of Chalcis, located on that island) was given her name. Some authors call her the mother of the Curetes and Corybantes (under the name Chalcis).[1]
  2. Euboea, one of the daughters of the river-god Asterion. She and her sisters, Acraea and Prosymna, were the nurses of Hera.[2]
  3. Euboea, one of the daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She bore Heracles a son Olympus.[3]
  4. Euboea, daughter of Macareus, king of Locris. She bore Apollo a son, Agreus.[4]


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