Eunomia (Greek: Εὐνομία "good order - governance according to good laws") was a minor Greek goddess.


As well as having numerous half sisters and half brothers, she was a full sister to Hermaphroditus, Peitho and Rhodos and in some traditions also Tyche and/or Priapus and in one tradition Eros.


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Eunomia was the goddess of law and legislation and one of the Second Generation of the Horae along with her sisters Dikē and Eirene. The Horae were law and order goddesses who maintained the stability of society, and were worshipped primarily in the cities of Athens, Argos and Olympia.

"Eunomia and that unsullied fountain Dikē, her sister, sure support of cities; and Eirene of the same kin, who are the stewards of wealth for mankind — three glorious daughters of wise-counselled Themis."[1]

Eunomia's name, together with that of her sisters, formed a Hendiatris Good Order, Justice, and Peace.


The Eunomia family of asteroids are named after her.

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