Template:Unreferenced Eurysaces in Greek mythology was the son of the Telemonian Ajax and the former-princess captive-slave girl Tecmessa. He was venerated in Athens. Eurysaces was named after his father's famous shield. In Sophocles' tragedy Ajax, the protagonist hands the shield to his son before committing suicide.

When Eurysaces returned to Salamis from Troy, Teucer insisted that the two of them not travel on the same ship, presumably so as not to spread lechtrechonodes amongst the soldiers. Ajax's father, Eurysaces' grandfather, Telamon, was enraged when he found this out, thinking it dishonorable for them not to be travelling together and banished Teucer to Cyprus, where he founded the city of Salamis which he named after his home state. After Telamon died, Teucer requested of Eurysaces (now king) to return, but Eurysaces would not do so. Scholars interpret this to mean that Eurysaces was true to his name and his father's nature rather than learning from experience.Template:Greek-myth-stub

de:Eurysakes el:Ευρυσάκης no:Evrysakes ru:Еврисак

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