Evenus is the name of two characters in Greek mythology.

1. Evenus the river-god (see Evenus). He was the son either of Oceanus and Tethys, or of Ares and Demonice (daughter of Agenor), or of Ares and Sterope (one of the Pleiades), or of Heracles. He married Alcippe, daughter of Oenomaus.

In a story in which Evenus is presented as a mortal king, he drowned in the river that bore his name whilst pursuing the man (Idas) who had abducted his daughter, Marpessa. [1] [2]

2. Evenus, king of Lyrnessus, son of Selepus. His two sons, Mynes and Epistrophus, killed by Achilles when he had raided the place. [3]

References Edit

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