Template:Unreferenced In Greek mythology, Glauce (in ancient Greek: Γλαυκή) refers to seven different people:

  1. Glauce, daughter of Creon. She married Jason. She was killed, along with Jason's children, by his wife, Medea. Also known by the name Creusa, predominantly in Latin authors, e.g. Seneca (Medea) and Propertius (2.16.30).
  2. Glauce, one of the Nereids
  3. Glauce, one of the Danaids, daughter of Danaus. She married Alces, son of Aegyptus and an Arabian woman.
  4. Glauce, daughter of Cychreus, son of Poseidon and Salamis. Some sources say that Glauce married Aeacus and bore him a son Telamon. Others say that Telamon was her husband and that, after her death, he married Periboea, mother of Ajax.
  5. Glauce, a nymph, one of the nurses of Zeus
  6. Glauce, an amazon
  7. Glauce, mother by Ajax, of AeantidesTemplate:Greek-deity-stub

br:Glaoke ca:Creüsa (filla de Creont) cs:Glauké de:Glauke el:Γλαύκη (μυθολογία) fr:Glaucé fille de Créon it:Glauce la:Glauce lt:Glaukė hu:Glauké nl:Creüsa (van Korinthe) pl:Kreuza ru:Главка (дочь Креонта) sr:Глаука sv:Kreusa uk:Главка

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