Harpalycus[1] was king of the Amymnaeans in Thrace. He is the father of Harpalyce. His wife died when giving birth to his daughter. He raised her with the milk of cows and mares and trained her as he would a man. Neoptolemus, returning from Troy, attacked Harpalycus and severely wounded him, his daughter retaliated, putting the enemy to flight and saving her father. Later Harpalycus died when his people rebelled.


  1. Harpalyce (Ἁρπαλύκη).,"1. A daughter of Harpalycus, king of the Amymnaeans in Thrace. As she lost her mother in her infancy, she was brought up by her father with the milk of cows and mares, and was trained in all manly exercises. After the death of her father, whom she had once delivered from the hand of the Myrmidones, she spent her time in the forests as a robber, being so swift in running that horses were unable to overtake her. At length, however, she was caught in a snare by shepherds, who killed her. (Serv. ad Virg. Aen. 1.321; Hyg. Fab. 193.)"

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