Template:Cleanup-reorganize The Heroic Age (Ηρωική Εποχή ή Γένος των Ηρώων) in Greek mythological history is defined as the period between the coming of the Greeks to Thessaly and the Greek return from Troy.[1] It was demarcated as one of the five Ages of Man by Hesiod.Template:Citation needed The period spans roughly six generations; the heroes denoted by the term are superhuman, though not divine, and are celebrated in the literature of Homer.[1]

The Greek heroes can be grouped into an approximate chronology, based on the great meet-up events of the Argonautic expedition and the Trojan War.

Before the ArgonautsEdit

The generation of the ArgonautsEdit

(about three generations before Troy)

The Argonauts:


The Generation of OedipusEdit

(about two generation before Troy)

The Generation of the Seven Against ThebesEdit

(about a generation before Troy)

The Generation of the Trojan WarEdit

See Trojan War and Epigoni.

The Generation after the Trojan WarEdit


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