Hiera is listed as the wife of Telephos in the frieze that decorated the interior of the Altar of Pergamum. Telephos is the mythic founder of the city of Pergamum, and there are many conflicting stories about him. During the Trojan War the Greeks attacked Pergamum, either because they mistook it for Troy, or because an alliance existed between Troy and Pergamum. Hiera was apparently an amazon, and the amazons united with the defenders of Pergamum to repel the attack. However, in the battle Hiera was killed by the Greek warrior Nireus. Telephos was so grief-stricken that he called a cease-fire to hold the funeral for Hiera, before restarting the battle and finally driving the invaders away. It is possible that the ancient city of Hierapolis in Turkey was named in her honor, though the name can also be read as just 'holy city'. She had by two sons by Telephus, Tarchon and Tyrsenus.Template:Greek-myth-stub

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