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Hippodamia, from hippos (horse) and damazo (to tame), "Tamer of horses", was the bride of King Pirithous of the Lapiths. At their wedding, Hippodamia, the other female guests, and the young boys were almost abducted by the centaurs. Pirithous and his friend, Theseus, led the Lapiths to victory over the centaurs. With Pirithous, she mothered Polypoetes.

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es:Hipodamía fa:هیپودامیا (همسر پیریتوس) fr:Hippodamie fille de Boutès it:Ippodamia (Bute) ru:Гипподамия (жена Пирифоя) fi:Hippodameia (Peirithooksen puoliso) uk:Гіпподамія (дружина Пейрітоя)

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