Template:Unreferenced Hippothoon (Ἱπποθόων, -ωντος) or Hippothous is a figure in Greek mythology, often described as the King of Eleusis after the death of Cercyon; however, Theseus was sometimes said to have taken the throne from Cercyon after his death.

The story of Hippothoon's birth was unusual. Poseidon had an affair (some say rape or ) with Alope, Cercyon's daughter, who begat Hippothoon. Cercyon had his daughter buried alive but Poseidon turned her into the spring, Alope, near Eleusis.

Template:Greek-deity-stubid:Hippothoon el:Ιπποθόωντας de:Hippothoon es:Hipótoo it:Ippotoo ru:Гиппофоонт fi:Hippothoon

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