Template:Unreferenced In Greek mythology, in Pindar's 9th Pythian Ode, Hypseus was King of the Lapiths, son of the river Peneus by the naiad Creusa. He had one daughter, Cyrene. When a lion attacked her father's sheep, Cyrene wrestled with the lion. Apollo happened along and immediately fell in love with her and kidnapped her. He took her to North Africa and founded the city of Cyrene in her name. The region, Cyrenaica, is also named for her. Together, she and Apollo had one son: Aristaeus.Template:Greek-myth-stub

es:Hipseo eu:Hipseo fr:Hypsée ja:ヒュプセウス pt:Hipseu ru:Гипсей sr:Хипсеј fi:Hypseus

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