Template:Unreferenced In Greek mythology, Hyrtacus is an obscure character, associated with the Trojan War. He was a comrade of King Priam of Troy. Hyrtacus married Arisbe, daughter of King Merops of Percote, after Priam had divorced her to marry Hecabe. Hyrtacus's son by Arisbe was named Asius who fought at Troy, as did Hyrtacus's grandsons, Adamas and Phaenops. Virgil credits Hyrtacus with another son, named Nisus, born of the nymph Ida (Virg. Aen. ix. 177). Hyrtacus's own parentage is not given. The name 'Hyrtacus' is perhaps of Cretan origin, given that there was an ancient city named Hyrtacus (or Hyrtacina) in south-western Crete.Template:Greek-myth-stub

de:Hyrtakos el:Ύρτακος

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