In Greek mythology, Iphimedeia (Template:Lang-el) was a nymph and the daughter of the river-god Triopas. She was a wife of Poseidon and the mother of the Aloidae, Otus and Ephialtes, as well as Cercyon and the bandit Sciron.

Iphimedia was a married woman, but reluctantly. Her husband was Aloeus, a son of Poseidon and also Iphimedia's uncle. Iphimedia fell in love with Poseidon, and spent her time walking along the shore. She would often sit down and scoop up the water, and allowing it to flow over her breasts, which allured Poseidon to come to her advances.

Myths disbute whether Iphimedia was the biological mother of Otus and Ephialtes. Some state that the Giants were actually the sons of Gaia and Poseidon. However, the myths still agree on the fact that Iphimedia was responsoble for raising the two.

-Aaron Lit


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